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Nienstedt Geschenke in Weyhe near Bremen - a house full of exciting and good sales ideas for remaining stock and special items for resellers.

Welcome at your partner for remaining stock resellers, for fine present ideas, toys, floristry, household supplies and much more. Nienstedt is your partner regardless of whether you own a cozy present store and require smaller deliveries, whether you are operating multiple stores and need bigger quantities, whether you are buying for the wholesale market and wish for pallette-wise deliveries, whether you are a professional market operator and need a great selection of interesting goods.

At the same time Nienstedt is a partner for manufacturers, importers and liquidators who wish to sell their overproduction of goods, B-stock, backlog of seasonal goods, backorders, batch rests or shopkeepers successfully.

At Nienstedt Geschenke you are with your partner for reputable and reliable handling and delivery, your partner for low priced but high grade items from all areas of the present and hobby world, your partner for successful marketing of branded goods - in short: Welcome at Nienstedt Geschenke in Weyhe near Bremen, your partner for remaining stock and special items for resellers, giftware remaining stock, decoration remaining stock as well as wholesale and giftware special items.

Nienstedt is capable of more than bringing goods from buying to reselling, Nienstedt has been successful in the remaining stock market for resellers for more than 20 years, Nienstedt makes your wishes come true, meeting your demands, your requirements and your needs in the segments of giftware, toys, floristry, household supplies, etc. etc. ...

Click through the company site and gather speed for your business, your turnover and ultimately your profit with Nienstedt, your partner for remaining stock for resellers.

Nienstedt is your partner: We buy and deliver remaining stock for resellers in all batch sizes, from a small parcel for your present store or a professional flea market sale up to a truckload for wholesale trade.
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webdesign by elf42

Nienstedt Geschenke GmbH
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